Vertrek Kamper Kogge
Privileg des Königs Eduard IV. 1547
Stoffe und Pelze
Die Hanse zu Gast in Neuss
Übergabe Hansefahne an Torun

From the Middle Ages to the Present Day

It began as a network of long-distance merchants and developed into a powerful association of cities: the Hanseatic League. For more than 400 years, the Hanseatic League shaped the economy, trade and politics of northern Europe. Today, the Hanseatic cities are reconnecting with their great past: The Union of Cities THE HANSA was founded in Zwolle in 1980 to revive the common cultural heritage and, with almost 200 member cities, is one of the largest voluntary associations of cities in the world.

The medieval Hanseatic League

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Hanseatic merchant

Union of Cities THE HANSA

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Hansetag Kampen Abschlussparade

Member cities

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The International Hanseatic Day

Just as in the Middle Ages, the Hanseatic cities meet regularly at the Hanseatic Day.  And just like back then, the key decisions of the association of cities are made at the Hanseatic Day today. Every year a different Hanseatic city is host and invites you to celebrate Hanseatic history and international understanding. Not only the delegations from the Hanseatic cities take part, but also up to 500,000 visitors from all over Europe.

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Cover Hanseroman

Novel "Hanse Links" released

On 5 April, the novel “Hanse Links” – a joint creative project of schools in five countries – was officially presented to the public in Lübeck, Germany. The Hanseatic League was characterized by exchange and cooperation between people and cities in large parts of Northern Europe. Today, strong links between Hanseatic cities still exist. This is what the novel “Hanse Links” shows us perfectly.

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Lindenau_Hanseschiff Bergung_c HL

Salvage of the hanseatic wreck has begun

The 400-year-old wreck of a Hanseatic ship in the Trave, which had been submerged at a depth of 11 metres, has begun to surface. The discovery of the wreck is a sensation, since it is completely preserved with the cargo and is in very good condition.

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BTZ_6080_Marktplatz-Roland, Rathaus ©Ingrid Krause

Today is UNESCO World Heritage Day!

Today the World Heritage Day is being held in the 51 historical, natural and cultural UNESCO sites of Germany. Many of them belong to the Union of Cities THE HANSA, such as the Old Towns of the Hanseatic Cities of Lübeck, Wismar and Stralsund, the Town Hall and Roland in Bremen, and the Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus District in Hamburg.

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Privileg des Königs Eduard IV. von England 1547 (Faksimile)

Hansa documents are UNESCO Memory of the World

The Executive Council of UNESCO has decided to include "Documents on the History of the Hanseatic League" in the "Memory of the World" World Heritage Register. The multinational application for this was prepared by the Archive of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck together with several European partners.

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Hansemuseum_Museum festival_15.5.2022_c_Olaf Malzahn

Hanseatic cities celebrate "Day of THE HANSA"

Once again this year, the Day of THE HANSA will be celebrated in several Hanseatic cities on the 3rd weekend in May. In many Hanseatic towns and cities, a number of different events and activities related to the Hanseatic League take place on this weekend - from thematic guided walks to an open air breakfast.

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Opening of the Hanseatic Year 2023

On 1 April, the Hanseatic Year 2023 was officially opened in the Dutch Hanseatic city of Kampen. With a variety of events, the nine Hanseatic cities in the east of the Netherlands are celebrating the Hanseatic Year together and are fully in the Hanseatic spirit.

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Titelfoto YH Day Oldenzaal

Youth Hansa Day in Oldenzaal

The Oldenzaal Youth Hansa Day took place on 13 April. More than 20 young people from the Netherlands and Germany participated in the event.

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Annual Advisory Forum 2022

THE HANSA at the Annual Advisory Forum on Cultural Routes

The 11th Annual Advisory Forum on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe took place in Chania (Crete), Greece on 5-7 October. The Forum was attended by more than 400 participants, including representatives of the 37 EPA member states and international organizations such as the European Union and UNESCO. 

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HaW 2023 ©Krzysztof Deczyński

HANSEartWORKS 2023: Submission deadline prolonged

The application deadline for the 17th edition of the HANSEartWORKS exhibition has been extended by one month to 30.11.2022. The exhibition will take place in the Polish city of Toruń from 22 June to 22 July 2023 under the motto "Following the common path". It is organised in connection with the 43rd International Hanseatic Day.

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Herbstkommission Torun_Adam Zakrzewski

Hansa Autumn Commission in Torun

Delegates from 21 Hanseatic cities met from 21 to 23 October for the annual Autumn Commission of the Union of Cities. The meeting primarily served to prepare for the 43rd International Hanseatic Day, which will take place in Torun next year.

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