42nd International Hanseatic Day in Neuss
Hanseatic cities in 16 countries
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Welcome to the Hanseatic Day in Neuss!

Neuss is host to the 42nd International Hanseatic Day from May 26–29 2022. For four days, the city centre of Neuss will overflow with concerts, lectures, markets and many other events for all to enjoy. Some 2,000 delegates from 16 countries as well as thousands of visitors from Germany and abroad are expected to celebrate the Hanseatic heritage.

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Map of the hanseatic cities
194 cities in 16 countries

The Hanseatic League

The first organized economic interest group, which has significantly influenced trade, business and politics in Northern Europe for over 400 years. Who were the allies at that time? You will find an overview of all cities, localities and trade contacts here.

To the hanseatic cities
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Hansemuseum Lübeck

A great success

When Low German merchants from Soest, Münster, Groningen and Lübeck moored on the banks of the river Neva in 1193 they did not know that they were among the founders of a powerful association, which became known from the 14th century onwards as the „Dudesche Hense“.

Hansemahl Muenster

European and sustainable - Comeback for Münster's Hanseatic meal

05. May 2022

The gabled houses are decorated with yellow-red-white Münster flags and blue European banners, a long table and a lounge area invite you to take a seat, and the merchants serve their guests. After a two-year break from the Corona, Münster Marketing and the Initiative Starke Innenstadt (ISI) are once again turning Prinzipalmarkt into the city's most beautiful open-air dining hall. On Saturday, 7 May, from 12 to 6 p.m., they invite you to the Hanseatic feast under the sign of Europe.

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