St. Lamberti’s Church square arcade - photographer Dagmar Schwelle

43rd International Hanseatic Day

See you in Torun! The 43rd International Hanseatic Day will take place in the Polish city of Torun from 22-25 June. The motto of the Hanseatic Day is "In the Orbit of Cities".

International Hanseatic Day

From the Middle Ages to Modern Times

For more than 400 years, the Hanseatic League shaped the economy, trade and politics in northern Europe. Today, the Hanseatic cities are reconnecting with their great past through the Union of Cities THE HANSA.

The medieval Hanseatic League

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Hanseatic merchant

Union of Cities THE HANSA

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Hansetag Kampen Abschlussparade

Member cities

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Discover the Hanseatic cities

The Hanseatic cities fascinate with their diversity, historical as well as modern architecture and a wide range of cultural offerings. The heritage of the Hanseatic era can still be discovered in many places today.

Overview of all Hanseatic cities

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Market square and Wasserkunst

Current events

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Medieval market

Package deals

Reiseangebot Hannover zum Kennenlernen - Lars Gerhardts

Visit and love Hannover

Explore the highlights of Hannover by CityTourbus or discover the sights of the city on foot by following the “Red Thread”. 

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Camping, photo

Camping package Gotland

Are you yearning for a Gotlandic adventure in the Hanseatic city of Visby? Right now you can book a package with tent or motorhome space and a round-trip passenger ticket on the ferry!

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Experience taste of Cēsis ©Cēsis tourism information centre

Experience the taste of Cēsis!

In this excursion, you will learn the history of this more than 800-year-old medieval city, do the sightseeing in the old parts of Cesis, visit local entrepreneurs and taste the best things they are making and producing.

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Kalkar and Grieth on the Rhine

Tour “Merchants & traders and artists & boatmen”

The diverse connections that merchants from Kalkar and Grieth maintained with Hanseatic cities, offices and traders from Northern Europe and the Baltic area (as far as Novgorod in Russia) in the 14th to 16th century are visible here.

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Visby ringmur med flaggor

Accommodation all over Gotland

Discover the Hanseatic city of Visby and Gotland, choose between hotels in Visby - a World Heritage site, or somewhere in the charming countryside, close to the sea or to a golf course.

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Ekstakusten ©

Discover Gotland! Package including ferry and accommodation

Affordable package with the opportunity to stay in picturesque Visby or on different places around the island.

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Körsbärsgården ©

Körsbärsgården – Museum of Contemporary Art

A meeting point for Art, Architecture and Literature, welcomes young and old.

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City walk Zwolle: Tour de Suolla

Discover Zwolle with the historic city walk 'Tour de Suolla'. The walk takes 1,5-2 hours.

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Warburg Banner

Guided tour "Warburg in the Hanseatic era"

Learn more about the Hanseatic history of the city of Warburg.

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Torun: two-day ticket to the museums

Top seven museums in two days.

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