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HANSA was a Swedish-Estonian-Latvian cooperation project with 11 project partners, mainly Hanseatic cities: Inspiration Gotland (main partner, Sweden), Gotland Region (Sweden), Pärnu Municipality (Estonia), Viljandi Municipality (Estonia), Limbaži County (Latvia), Pargauja Municipality (Latvia), Valmiera Municipality (Latvia), Kuldiga County (Latvia) and Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia).

The main objective of HANSA was to promote the historical values of the Hanseatic League, which are still alive in the Hanseatic cities. In addition, the partners worked closely together to develop new, sustainable tourism products. These products supported the goal of making the Hanseatic League a leading brand for Baltic Sea tourism and at the same time positioning the Hanseatic League as an active cultural route of the Council of Europe.

The project developed new products in the field of walking and cycling as well as culinary offers: partly by marketing local specialities, partly by developing a quality label for restaurants, "Hansa Culinary". The aim of the project was to transfer the results to other Hanseatic cities in order to strengthen the transnational aspects and increase the number of visitors throughout the year.

The HANSA project was implemented with funding from the European Baltic Sea Regional Programme Interreg Central Baltic 2014-2020. The project budget was 2,180,938.70 Euros.

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