Hanseatic Harbour and fish market


Where ships used to be unloaded, today you can find shops, cosy pubs, and cafés with inviting summer terraces by the water.  Its Hanseatic heritage  remains present in the flourishing half-timbered town until today. The museum in the restored Swedish warehouse gives a vivid picture of the town’s development with an impressive Hanseatic exhibition. You can feel the maritime charm everywhere: the Hanseatic harbour (13th century) in the heart of the city, the town harbour with the museum ship “Greundiek“, and the leisure crafts demonstrate that Stade continues to maintain its traditional ties to shipping. A multitude of maritime passtimes, like several boat trips on the rivers Schwinge and Elbe and sporting activities on and near the river, invite you to discover the town from the water and guided tours take visitors through the history of the city. Several festivals like the Craft Beer & Gourmet Festival, music festivals like the Shantychoir-Festival and MAMF-festival, events during the year, and a very special christmas market are worth visiting. 


Fish market and wooden crane

Hanseatic Harbour and fish market with a wooden crane

The Hanseatic Harbour is considered to be the oldest harbour installation on the lower river Elbe and a nationally significant cultural monument. The dock was built as early as the 13th century. During the Hanseatic era, the harbour was the trade centre for goods from all over Europe. Today, culinary experiences have taken over the area and restaurants host their guests by the harbour. The wooden treadwheel crane reminds visitors of the Hanseatic era.

Swedish Warehouse Museum

The Swedish Warehouse Museum

The Swedish warehouse at the Hanseatic harbour is equally as historic as the exhibits behind its old walls. The Swedes originally built the victual storehouse in 1692 for their garrison. Today, the warehouse hosts a prizewinning exhibition about Stade’s prehistory and early history as well as its municipal and regional history. An exciting journey through time that should not be missed. 

Hanseatic guided tour

Guided Tour “On the trails of the Hansa“

During the enacted guided city tour “On the trails of the Hansa“, participants immerse themselves in around 350 years of Stade’s town history just as if they had travelled back in time. On the tour, eight different personalities, from merchants to bathing attendants, await the guests in historical dress to reveal a piece of their lives during the Hanseatic era.

Cosmae Church tower

St. Cosmae Church

Stade’s landmark was built in the 13th century as a late-Romanesque single-nave church – it burned out during the town fire in 1659. Its trademark is the stately octagonal crossing tower. From the bell tower, visitors can oversee the entire city. Inside St. Cosmae stands an Arp Schnitger organ. Some of the concerts during the Hansa Song Festival are held here.


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