Gronau aerial view ©Stadt Gronau (Leine)

Gronau (Leine)

Gronau (Leine) is characterised by charming landscapes in the midst of unspoilt nature and a multitude of historical sites and buildings. Listed half-timbered houses and medieval churches, magnificent castles and former knights' estates bear witness to the rich history of the town and its districts.

Picturesque nature reserves, meadows along the River Leine and an avenue of ancient oaks invite you to take a stroll. Hikers can follow in the footsteps of kings through the Seven Mountains on well-signposted long-distance hiking trails. A special experience is canoeing on the Leine, which offers fascinating insights into the flora and fauna of the Leinebergland. From the landing stage on the Leine island it is only a stone's throw to the old town. For cyclists, the region around Gronau (Leine) is a true paradise with its well-developed cycle paths. The Leine-Heide cycle path follows the course of the Leine without any major climbs, while the Weser-Leine cycle path from Gronau (Leine) to Hameln can be easily completed in one day.

Cosy cafés, rustic beer gardens and comfortable restaurants in the town centre and the suburbs spoil their guests. Some of them offer overnight accommodation for day trippers. There are also providers of private accommodation.


Gronau Stadtmuseum 1 ©Stadt Gronau (Leine)

Town museum

Museum of the town of Gronau (Leine), the Engelbrecht farm: the most beautiful castle seat in the district of Hildesheim. Built in 1590 by Bock von Northolz. The open location shows off the Renaissance architecture to its best advantage.

SG-LBL Gronau St Matthaei Church ©Stadt Gronau (Leine)

Winged altar of St Matthäi

The winged altar (600 years old) in St. Matthew's Church comes from the school of Master Bertram in Hamburg. The insides of the altar show filigree figures carved from wood. The altar comes from the Godehardi Church in Hildesheim and came to Gronau (Leine) in the 18th century.

SG-LBL Gronau St Josef Church ©Stadt Gronau (Leine)

St. Joseph's Church

St. Joseph's Church with its baroque interior is unique in the Leine valley in such completeness and unity. The two-storey high altar carved from lime and oak is an ornament of the church. A baroque organ also belongs to the church, which is part of the Dominican monastery complex.