Gardelegen aerial view ©Hansestadt Gardelegen


Gardelegen is situated on the northern border of the moorland Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide and is surrounded by the forest reserve Lindenthalter Forst in the north and the nature park Drömling in the west. The hanseatic town, which is more than 850 years old, is full of historic buildings. The construction of the two big brick churches started around 1200. Beautiful half-timbered buildings date back of the 16th and 17th centuries invites visitors to attend exhibitions for example in the St. Georg´s Hospital, to have a look at the cellars of the old Löwenapotheke pharmacy, wehre an exhibition of medieval beer-brewing is on display, or to just walk through historic streets and lanes. One of the most impressive buildings of Gardelegen reminds us of the Hanseatic time - the massive Salzwedel Gate. The medieval town fortification contains two other decorative, well-fortified gates. The town hall is also adorned with insignia of this age - the coats of arms of the Hanse towns. Numerous restaurants and cafés cater for the culinary well-being of the guest. Today Gardelegen has blossomed again. Ancient remains are being carefully restored, new buildings are under construction. The long-established firms have been able to continue their tradition, and new businesses are being established on the various trading estates.

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The Salzwedel Gate ©Hansestadt Gardelegen

The Salzwedel gate

One of the landmarks in Gardelegen is the Salzwedel gate. It is one of the four town gates from the 16th century and belongs to the old connection ring of the wall. After almost complete decay, Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm IV let the gate repair again. Till nowadays you can go through the impressive so-called battery towers.

The Town Hall of Gardelegen ©Hansestadt Gardelegen

The Town hall of Gardelegen

In the heart of the historical old town, on one of the few trianhular marketplaces of Europe, the town hall is situated. With a huge number of architectural details and construction ingredients from the past epochs, the town hall presents itself in such a way as it was reconstructed by Berlin architect Otto Stiehl in the years of 1914 to 1917. In front of the city hall stands, as a symbol of the urban freedom and justice, the statue of Roland.

Lion´s chemist shop, nowadays Tourist-information ©Hansestadt Gardelegen

Lion´s chemist shop, nowadays Tourist-information

Obviously you can see the characteristic of the lion´s chemist shop is the golden lion above the main entrance. Today the tourist information of the unity municipality hanseatic town Gardelegen is accommodated here, In addition, the historical chemist´s shop equipment is to be seen as well as memories of Gardelegen´s brewing and hop tradition in the vault cellar and art exhibitions in the gallery floor.

Statue of Roland by the Town Hall ©Hansestadt Gardelegen

Statue of Roland by the town hall

In front of the city hall stands, as a symbol of the urban freedom, justice, prideful and efficiency from the artisan and traders, the statue of Roland. The Statue was mentioned in a document for the first time in 1450. After many fires the Roland was finally broken on the 7 november 1727. After 275 years, he was reconstructed.

"Gartenträume Wallanlagen" (garden dreams rampart gardens) ©Hansestadt Gardelegen

Gardelegen´s fortification

The salzwedel gate is the most impressive buildings remind the hanseatic time and the best preserved’s gate. On

the tour Gartenräume: Wallanlagen you can see the remains of fortification from the magdeburger and stendaler gate. Retained too is a part form the town wall and the town moat which protect the city in earlier times.


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