View of Frankfurt (Oder) ©Frankfurt (Oder)

Frankfurt (Oder)

You will encounter the varied and important history of Frankfurt (Oder) in a variety of ways. Discover the "hidden treasures" of the city on your walking tour. At one of the oldest and largest town halls built in North German brick Gothic, you will find a golden herring suspended in 1454 on the south gable as a sign of the Hanseatic city in reference to the importance of the medieval herring trade and opposite the town hall our landmark, the St. Mary’s church. Let yourself get fascinated by the three 12 m high choir windows and the colourful stained glass. On the promenade of our favorite river Oder you will find the only Kleist museum in the German-speaking world. Our other green oases such as the Lennépark with an artificial waterfall, fountain and ponds or the island of Ziegenwerder, located in the middle of the Oder, offer relaxation in the middle of the city. From the northern tip of the island of Ziegenwerder you have a wide view to the Polish Słubice.

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St. Mary's Church ©Birgit Frisch

St. Mary's Church

Along with the founding of the city in 1253, the construction of the main parish church of St. Mary began. One of the largest hall churches of the North German brick Gothic. The three 12 m high choir windows consisting of 117 stained glass windows with extraordinary representations and an Antichrist window are an unforgettable experience in the sunlight.

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The Town Hall ©Klaus Baldauf

Town hall

From 1253 the town hall was also built. First used as a two-story shopping hall with council room and court gazebo. The Hanseatic League brought splendour. The gilded, floating herring on a fishing rod on the gable dates back to 1454. Probably in 2023, when the current renovation is finsihed, the town hall will shine in its old splendour on the outside and in fascinating modernity on the inside.

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Junker's House and "Holzmarkt" ©Klaus Baldauf

Museum Viadrina

You can follow the history of the old merchant and Hanseatic city of Frankfurt (Oder) from the founding of the city in 1253 to the 20th century, thematic insights into the city's history at the Museum Viadrina: Frankfurt as the location of the first state university in Brandenburg, as a garrison town and the school history with a historic classroom.

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