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Welcome in the fortified city of Elburg! Centuries of history are well kept between the walls and walking through the town itself, one imagines oneself to be in the middle ages. The old ramparts with the magnificent trees, the narrow alleyways, the cobbled stone pavements and wonderful views turn the fortress into an attractive piece of scenery, ideal for a lovely walk. In addition, the fortress houses many monumental buildings, museums, restaurants and various leisure facilities. They make Elburg a pleasant place to stay.

Within the fortress walls, visitors will find several hundred monumental buildings. Highlights are the Vischpoort, the town castle (Arent Thoe Boecohuis), which is now home to the National Organ Museum, the former Agnieten Monastery, which now houses the Elburg Museum and the Tourist Service, the defence fortifications (casemates), the wall cottages attached to the town wall, the pavements with the black and white small pebbles, the Sjoel Museum, the Blacksmith's Museum, the Ropemaker's Workshop, the Botterwerf and the Herb Garden. A visit to Sand Stories (exhibition of biblical sand sculptures) is also recommended!

A real Elburg tip: take to the water in one of the historic fishing boats. A trip on these boats is fun and interesting at the same time. The skipper will tell you all about the special features of these unique vessels. You can find more information at: www.botterselburg.nl.


Elburg haven binnenstad (3) ©Gemeente Elburg


The Vischpoort used to be a defense tower, but it was turned into a gate in 1592 and it has been preserved to this day because the large lantern served as a coastal lantern in the last century. From the balcony you have a beautiful view over Elburg. The Kazematten are one of the oldest surviving cannon cellars in the Netherlands. They were part of the fortifications of the town of Elburg.

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Agnietenklooster + tuin ©Gemeente Elburg

Museum of Elburg

One of the most striking buildings in Elburg is the previous Agnietenconvent. Once it was a 15th century convent for women, now it houses Museum Elburg and the VVV tourist information agency. The museum has an extensive collection of objects about the history of Elburg and its surrounding. You can visit the former convent buildings, including the remarkable medieval double chapel. The Vischpoort, the casemates and the little wall-house also belong to the museum.

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Elburg Klostergarten ©Gemeente Elburg

Herb garden "De Groene Kruidhof"

In the oldest part of Elburg, within the town walls, you find a beautiful and historic herb garden. In the past, healing herbs were grown here for the adjacent guesthouse where the sick were treated. A place of peace and silence.

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