Our “Ainpökisch beer” is well-known far beyond our city‘s, region’s and even our country’s borders. Our bock beer has a long and good tradition – it’s been brewed in our town for more than 700 years. 
Richly decorated half-timbered houses: In our historic Old Town, you will find richly decorated half-timbered houses. Our street Tiedexer Straße even is one of the longest rows of halt-timbered buildings in norther Germany.

PS.SPEICHER: At a couple of meters distance from this beautiful building ensemble, our next attraction comes into view: a historic, listed old granary. However, not a single grain of cereal has been stored there for a long time – now it houses more than 400 vintage cars! The granary was restored according to monument preservation, with modern additions and since 2014, it houses the PS.SPEICHER – a diverse, interactive experience exhibition. Four Depots with more than 2.000 further exhibits and a visitor center were opened in 2020. Ever since, Einbeck displays Europe’s largest collection of vintage cars!


Einbeck beer path ©Vanessa Harries

Einbeck beer barrel path

Follow the barrel trail through Einbeck! Have you already spotted the little white beer barrels on the ground in the historic Old Town? Then you are ready to go! Along the path, you will find 8 large barrels made of metal. On every barrel, you will learn something about the history of our delicious beer and our beautiful town.

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Einbeck City Museum ©StadtMuseum Einbeck

Germany’s oldest beer barrel

The Hanseatic League to that Einbeck belonged in those times took care of safe transport of the heavy barrels across Europe. In Einbeck’s Town Museum, you will discover Germany’s oldest beer barrel and learn about its curious history.

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Tiedexer Street ©Daniel Li Photography

Tiedexer Street

Tiedexer Straße is Einbeck’s longest continuous half-timbered line, and possibly one of the longest in Lower Saxony from the 16th century. A large number of these houses used to have brewing rights.

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