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The Hanseatic city of Demmin is nestled in the charming Peenetal  valley  on  the  edge  of  one  of  the  last  fens in Germany. Within the urban area, which inhabits today around 10,500  people,  the  three  rivers  Peene, Trebel and Tollense meet. Why not travel there and see for yourself! Opposite to the pier is an island called Fischerinsel“. It is here that Demmin has its Hanseatic quarter. Fishing, iron work, spinning, basketry and a stone oven bakery are all waiting to welcome you on a journey into the  Middle  Ages. You are introduced to  old  craft  techniques  and  interesting  facts  on  the  Hanseatic  League.  Experience  the  craftsmanship  and  lifestyle  of  that  era.  The „Biberburg“ nature  adventure  bath  offers  refreshing  water  fun  with a large water slide, rafting track, jumping rocks, wooden boat and playground. Other  interesting  starting points are, amongst  others, the Catholic Maria Rosenkranzkönigin church, the  Luisentor  with  gun-powder tower, the remains of  the  city  wall,  the  old  „House Demmin“ castle ruins,  the  Ulanen  monument or the Marienhain. Demmin's astronomical observatory is located in the town's old water tower. This is unique in the region, because in addition to an observatory, visitors are enjoying a modern planetarium. It is here that visitors are finding a glimpse of cosmos.

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St.Bartholomaei-Kirche ©Hansestadt Demmin

St. Bartholomaei Church

An important landmark in Demmin. The church was mentioned for the first time in 1260, the current construction took place in the 13th or in the beginning of the 14th century. The church including its cross, is 95.8 m high, making it the second-highest church tower in Western Pomerania.

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Castle Ruins Haus Demmin ©Hansestadt Demmin

House Demmin

The Pomeranian Castle was first mentioned in 1140 in a confirmation letter from Pope Innocent II for the Pomeranian diocese. It is the oldest secular building in Pomerania. The castle was the residence of the Dukes of Pomerania and Demmin until the death of Wartislaw III in 1264. The existing castle ruins were secured several times.

Luisentor ©Hansestadt Demmin

Luises Gate

The gate was called the Kuhtor until 1821. In the past, the farmers drove the cows through here. The substructure is made of field stones and dates back to the 13th century. The rectangular brick gate tower is from the 15th century. After a visit by the Prussian Princess Luise, the gate and the street were renamed after her in 1821. It has been a city guest house since 2006.


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