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City of many faces

1,200 years of tradition and openness characterize Bremen, the Hanseatic City on the Weser. The magnificent Weser Renaissance Town Hall and the venerable statue of Roland on the historic market square (both UNESCO World Heritage Sites) remain unmistakable. And of course there are the world-famous figures of the Bremen Town Musicians from Grimm's fairy tales.

Bremen is the tenth largest city in Germany, a European center of aerospace, a city of science, and the site of one of Europe's largest urban development projects, the Überseestadt. Whether in the Universum Bremen, in the botanika or in the Überseemuseum Bremen - here one understands to bring information and entertainment in perfect harmony.

The proximity to the river and the green nature characterizes the life of the people of Bremen. The seafaring flair is still alive today, and Bremeners and their guests enjoy a walk by the Weser river: on the Schlachte waterfront promenade.

Cologne sways in carnival, Munich celebrates the Oktoberfest. And Bremen celebrates all year round. Germany's oldest folk festival - the Freimarkt, the Festival Maritim, musical and theater highlights, important art exhibitions, the traditional Christmas market ... kiek mol rin! 


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The Bremen Town Musicians

The worldwide known figures from the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm decorate as the most famous statue the west side of the town hall at the Bremen market place. Their characteristics such as cooperation, team spirit and spirit of adventure are representative of the historic Hanseatic city.

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Town Hall and Roland

The people of Bremen are particularly proud of their over 600-year-old town hall. Its uniqueness has been confirmed by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee since 2004. "The Town Hall and Roland in Bremen are a unique testimony to civic autonomy and sovereignty as they developed in the Holy Roman Empire," says the expert report on which the decision is based.

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Focke Museum

For enthusiasts of art and cultural history, a visit to the Focke Museum is an excellent way to immerse yourself in Bremen's history. On display are exhibits from the prehistory and early history of the Bremen area as well as the early Middle Ages. Shipping is also not neglected. The program is constantly updated with topics on crafts and design as well as photography and art.

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Weser Promenade Schlachte

On the Weser Promenade Schlachte, people meet directly on the river when the weather is nice. From the terraces and gardens of a diverse gastronomy, you can enjoy the view of the water. Historical and modern ships line the quay. The Martinianleger at Schlachte is the place to go on a big or small trip: In summer, the passenger ships sail daily up or down the Weser.

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St. Peters Cathedral

On the east side of the town hall stands the St. Petri Dom (St. Peters cathedral), dating from the 11th century, with its towers rising 99 metres into the air. According to the Gospel of Matthew, Peter, the patron saint of the cathedral, possesses the keys to the kingdom of heaven. One of them has adorned Bremen's coat of arms since the Middle Ages.

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