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As a UNESCO World Heritage City and a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, Bergen has the ideal combination of nature, culture and exciting urban life all year around. You find a range of different accommodation ranging from exclusive hotels to charming Bed & Breakfasts. Bergen has also become known as an international culinary city and you can enjoy some of the finest seafood restaurants in Norway here. Other activities and cultural attractions in Bergen range from various museums and art exhibitions to many music concerts – you can see paintings from Edvard Munch, visit the home of famous composer Edvard Grieg or enjoy live music at the Bergenfest. With its ideal location right in the heart of the Fjord Norway region, Bergen is the perfect starting point for day trips to one of the world’s biggest scenic attractions - the fjords. From Bergen you are really close to the spectacular fjord experiences, either you want to go on a fjord tour or dive into the experience with mountain and glacier hiking, skiing in some of Norway’s best terrains, biking along the beautiful fjord arms or explore the wet element with white water rafting or fishing in the ocean.

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Bryggen – a World Heritage Site

Bergen became an important European city of trade and a hub of commerce, seafaring and craftsmanship as the Hanseatic League opened one of their four offices on the wharf. Today the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bryggen with its historical architecture, is a reminder of the city’s importance as a part of the Hanseatic League and brings you back to the Middle Ages.

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Hanseatic Museum ©Gjertrud Coutinho,

The Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene

The museum illustrates how the Hanseatic merchants lived, worked, and made their mark on Bergen through its exhibitions and guided tours. If you wander through Bryggen and explore the beautiful Schøtstuene, you will get a sense of what Bergen was like during the Hanseatic era.

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St. Mary’s Church - Hilde Arnesen, Hanseatisk Museum

St. Mary’s Church

The St. Mary’s church is the oldest existing building in Bergen, built between 1130 and 1170. The church houses treasures such as the alter, which is most likely crafted in Lübeck in the 15th century, the pulpit from the 17th century, as well as many paintings. For a long time the church was called The German Church, because it’s been used by the Hanseatic merchants between 1408-1766.

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Bergen City Museum ©Tove Breistein

Bryggens Museum – Bergen City Museum

Bryggens Museum displays findings of the archaeological excavations of Bryggen from 1955 and contains the foundations of the oldest buildings in Bergen. The exhibition uses historical artifacts, such as ceramics or runic inscriptions, as well as modern research to let you come closer to the everyday lives of the medieval people of Bergen.

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