Salvage of the hanseatic wreck has begun

Calender Icon 6. June 2023

The 400-year-old wreck of a Hanseatic ship in the Trave, which had been submerged at a depth of 11 metres, has begun to surface. The discovery of the wreck is a sensation, since it is completely preserved with the cargo and is in very good condition.


Lindenau_Hanseschiff Bergung_c HL

The preparations for this historically important operation began last week (31 May). The first piece to rise to the surface now was a wooden barrel. The recovery and documentation of the entire wreck and its cargo is done by Archcom.


As the Mayor of Lübeck and President of the Union of Cities THE HANSA pointed out, "this is an extremely important discovery for the Hanseatic city of Lübeck". This relict is a unique testimony to what everyday life and trade might have looked like in the late years of the Hanseatic League. It is also a very concrete archeological evidence and a pragmatic tool for historians interested in this period, which was of great importance for the economic and cultural development of Europe and of Lübeck. 


The salvage will continue until September 2023 and should enable other Hanseatic treasures to be recovered. The fact that the wreck is in such good condition will support the work of historians, archaeologists and scientists.


For more information have a look at the “salvage logbook” (in German).