Position of THE HANSA on the Russian War of Aggression

Calender Icon 1. June 2022

At the Assembly of Delegates on May 28, 2022, THE HANSA unanimously adopted a statement on the war in Ukraine and the measures to deal with the current situation.

Hanse_Stand with Ukraine

The full text of the resolution reads as follows:

"The Union of Cities THE HANSA stands for cooperation and exchange, for a united and peaceful Europe. We strongly condemn Russia's war against Ukraine. Our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine. We are shocked by the destruction and human suffering and stand firmly by their side in solidarity. We thank the Baltic countries, and in particular Poland, for the wave of solidarity with the refugees and the help that we have seen in recent days. We call on all Hanseatic cities to provide humanitarian support to those suffering from the war.

Dialogue is a means of peace. Therefore, communication with our Hanseatic cities in Russia and Belarus must not be completely broken off. The cities remain members of the Hanseatic League.

Representatives of Russian Hanseatic cities are released from official functions, including in the Board, until further notice. The assumption of new official roles or functions by representatives of Russian or Belarusian Hanseatic cities is currently not possible. Delegations from these cities can currently not participate in the International Hanseatic Day.

Active participation in project and working groups will be suspended until further notice, but communication will not be broken off. Monetary and in-kind contributions or payments from project funding to Russian project partners are also suspended until further notice due to Russia's military aggression against Ukraine. Any participation of THE HANSA in activities or events of Russian and Belarusian cities is suspended.

These measures are not directed against the people in the Russian Hanseatic cities, but against the Russian president who is bringing immeasurable suffering to Ukraine and destroying peace in Europe. The Union of Cities values the personal contacts and relationships with people from the Hanseatic cities in Russia that have developed over the years. These individual contacts should continue to be maintained. Cooperation on an official level will only be possible again when peace prevails. THE HANSA supports any efforts in the Hanseatic cities in Russia to work for peace."