Hanseatic Harbour and fish market


Do you know Stade? The maritime trading town on the river Schwinge is part of the metropolitan area of Hamburg. In 1209, Stade was given town rights, as well as staple privileges in 1259. Stade reached its zenith as a prosperous medieval town when it became a member of the Hanseatic League. Under Swedish rule (1645-1712) the city maintained a garrison and built a major European fortress.

1.000 years of history have shaped the Hanseatic city, and it owes much of its prosperity to its membership of the Hanseatic League which accepted Stade in 1267. Since then, the city has developed rapidly. Stade‘s location on the rivers Elbe and Schwinge make its maritime legacy tangible throughout the city – beautiful places by the river invite visitors to linger or encourage to take to the water. Have you visited Stade yourself yet? A vibrant city awaits you that combines history and modernity and that lives for its close connection to water and shipping.

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Year 994

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53.59979 latitude and 9.475438 longitude

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What is the city known for?

Fish market and Hanseatic harbour

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