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Słubice is located in the heart of Europe, forming a European twin-city with Frankfurt (Oder) on the German side. Until 1945  Słubice was a right-bank district of Frankfurt (Oder) called Dammvorstadt. The name Słubice was given after the Second World War, when the right-bank suburb of Frankfurt became part of Poland. At the end of 1939 15600 people lived here. During the war 30% of the town's substance was destroyed (the town is dominated by typical urban buildings from the late 19th and early 20th century). After the end of warfare in 1945, the Polish administration started to be established. After the changes in the political system in 1990 Słubice began to flourish. After the political changes of 1990 Słubice started to develop and gained a beautiful face. The town is situated in a region of great natural beauty and is an attractive place for tourists. The commune is surrounded by vast forests of the Rzepin Forest. Rivers and lakes encourage people to engage in water sports. Amateurs of sailing, windsurfing and canoeing will find excellent conditions here. In Słubice there are good conditions for sports. There is the historic stadium of the Słubice Sports and Recreation Centre, playing fields, tennis courts and a swimming pool. The border location makes the town's services related to tourism, border traffic services, trade and small crafts dominant.

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52.35826 latitude and 14.58019 longitude

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