Lübeck Old Town


Lübeck was founded in 1143 and, due to its geographical location, quickly rose to become a merchant city and "Queen of the Hanseatic League". Here, materials and goods from the north and east were traded for goods from the west and south. In the late Middle Ages, Lübeck was one of the largest cities in the Holy Roman Empire and one of the most important trading centers in Northern Europe. The fall of the Hanseatic League came gradually until the last Hanseatic Meeting took place in Lübeck in 1669. World War II hit Lübeck. Parts of the Old Town were destroyed by a bomb attack on Palm Sunday 1942. Today visitors can experience Lübeck’s history in every corner, brick monuments tell of the wealth of the once most powerful Hanseatic city.

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Year 1143

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53.88095 latitude and 10.72537 longitude

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UNESCO World Heritage

Yes, Lübeck’s Old Town, 1987

What is the city known for?

Marzipan and the Holsten Gate