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Emmerich am Rhein

At the time, almost 800 years ago, that a small settlement in the lower rhine area got its city rights, nobody could have known that this city would be “Embrica Decora”, the glorious Emmerich one day. In the 14th century was it nothing less than the influential instance of the hanseatic day, in which Emmerich was named beside Lübeck, Hamburg and Bremen, Names with a meaningful sound. The trading got Emmerich wealth and prestige, education and meaning. Today, the city is still breathing the air of its glorious past – the nearness to the river and the ships, the beaches, the promenade, the cafés and restaurants, the cosiness and spaciousness of its surroundings, but mostly the people and their way of life are still here. Emmerich has been a hanseatic city, in the past and is still one today and there is much to see and experience here. In the second world war, 97% of Emmerich was destroyed by bombings. Today the city is known as a important industrial location with prestigious companies and as a significant touristic destination with its promenade and the Elten mountain range.

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Year 1233

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51.84078 latitude and 6.252406 longitude

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What is the city known for?

Rhinepromenade with culinary mile and view on the Red Rhinebridge, also called Golden Gate of the lower rhine area because of its resemblance to the original Bridge in San Francisco


  • Emmerich im Lichterglanz – big city festival with fireworks and hanseatic parade through the city