Luftbild Buxtehude Altstadt ©Martin Elsen, Hansestadt Buxtehude


It all began with the rural settlement of Buxtehude, whose first historical references date back to 959 A.D. Archbishop Giselbert of Bremen founded the town of Buxtehude in 1285 A.D. Lying one and a half kilometres north of the original settlement in the moor-strip between marshland and moraines , it was the first German town to be developed in a structured way around a harbour basin. It was, therefore, the most modern harbour of its time in Germany. Within the confines of Hanseatic waterways it provided for a con-venient crossing of the Elbe and developed into a lively Hanseatic town. The original construction with Fleth and moat Viver and St. Peter's Church, the landmark of the city, can be visited today in the old town.

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Year 1285

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53.47673 latitude and 9.700394 longitude

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What is the city known for?

fairy tale "The race between the hedgehog and the hare on the little heath near Buxtehude"