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The Hanseatic city of Brakel, first mentioned in writing in 836, is located in the heart of the cultural district of Höxter. Whether the historic town center, the market square with the town hall from the 13th century or the picturesque alleys, the cityscape is characterized by its historic buildings.

Brakel is a school and also an attractive business location with medium-sized crafts as well as well-known industrial companies.  The landscape, characterized by forests, meadows and streams, invites nature enthusiasts to beautiful hiking and biking tours.

Brakel is worth living and loving. You can relax in the spa park, applaud at the open-air theater or visit the climbing center. Our beautiful old Hanseatic city and the surrounding villages have something to offer for everyone in every season.

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Year 836

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51.71688 latitude and 9.184176 longitude

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What is the city known for?

„Anneken“ of Brakel: „The girl of Brakel” – Anneken – is a symbolic figure of the Hanseatic city. The fable was published by the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Its setting is the St. Ann´s chapel in Brakel. About eighty fables of the collection are provided due to the noble family of Haxthausen. Only in two of them the brothers mention a name of a city – Brakel being one of them. During the clerical festival “Annentag”, the valuable Saint Anne and her child are displayed on the altar of the chapel. At the well on the town square the fable is presented by on of the sculptural groups.