Peace of Harderwijk yH ©Wolfgang Thyssen

The Peace of Harderwijk

The Harderwijk Peace Treaty from 1446 always remains topical. Although signed longer and longer ago, increasingly topical. Peace is of all times. In the 16th century we had 4 important values: diversity, solidarity, freedom and tolerance. Without those 4 values, the fifth one, peace cannot exist.

35 young people from various Hanseatic cities from the Netherlands and Germany gathered in September 2022 in Harderwijk to discuss peace and freedom and what we can do ourselves to promote peace in our own cities. Freedom, connection, diversity and tolerance contained in art. The foundation for peace. The participants worked on these themes and discussed the results. It was great to have all these young people together in Harderwijk.

Harderwijk YH ©Irina Faber