Bild Get Together ©Jugendamt Neuss/Greyhound-Pier 1

The youthHansa at the Hanseatic Day in Neuss

From 26.05.2022-29.05.2022 the youthHansa participated in the International Hanseatic Day in Neuss. After two years of enormous restrictions due to Covid, it was finally time again to meet, get to know each other, exchange ideas and network - in presence!

76 youth delegates from 32 cities took part in the programme, which was based on the three pillars of adventure, economy and sustainability. It included a rafting tour on the Rhine, various company visits to renowned firms in the city, as well as workshops on sustainable nutrition. Regarding the topic of sustainability, early arrivals went to the power plant at Lausward in Düsseldorf on Thursday. This is the world's most sustainable gas and steam power plant. Delegates were treated to a guided tour of the power station, including a visit to the viewing platform with a view of the whole of Düsseldorf and Neuss, as well as an exciting lecture on the topic of "Energy transition in conurbations".

At the delegates' meeting, which took place in the town hall, a new commission was elected for the next two years. In addition, it was decided that the youthHansa will henceforth address the topic of sustainability and, to this end, call on the cities to integrate offers on the topic of the Sustainable Development Goals into the programme at future Hanseatic Days.

One of the unique features of the youthHansa in Neuss was the overnight accommodation: The hotel ship MS Calypso was chartered exclusively for the delegates and dropped anchor in the centre of the main activities - the harbour area. Thus, true to the motto of the Hanseatic Day of short distances, there were also short distances for the youthHansa!

The reunion and getting to know each other motivated the young people to network beyond the Hanseatic Day. The foundation of a Westphalian youthHansa and the cooperation between regional youthHansa groups - e.g. the Rhenish youthHansa with the Dutch youthHansa - are on the agenda.