Hanseatic Trainee Exchange

Industries, crafts, services, trade and administrations are increasingly confronted with the problem of a skilled labor shortage. Employers are therefore urged to enhance the attractiveness of training and provide incentives for choosing their own institution/company as a training facility.

Azubi-Austauschprojekt_Hansestadt Lübeck

One significant contribution to this could be the mandatory opportunity for trainees to gain experience in another city, possibly in another country and with a local company during their training.

The exchange allows trainees in the member cities of the International Hanseatic League to undertake a two to three-week internship in their respective training fields in another member city. In the pilot phase, the project is limited to trainees in municipal administrations. Sixteen municipalities from three Hanseatic countries (Germany, Latvia and Poland) have committed to participating in the project and are part of the pilot phase. The fundamental principle of the project is the willingness to both send and host trainees. 

The coordinator of the trainee exchange project is the Hanseatic city of Brilon, Germany.