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The Turku region is a thriving center of growth in the Baltic Sea region. With a diverse economy, high-quality educational and cultural opportunities, excellent services and a stunningly beautiful archipelago, the region is an attractive destination for all.

The roots of Finland’s many successes in the fields of economy, social welfare and arts and culture can be traced back to Turku, Finland’s oldest city, which is due to celebrate its 800th jubilee in 2029. Of course, no city thrives on the strength of its past alone. Today’s Turku is a nationally and internationally well-known university city with a thriving cultural and business sector.

The River Aura is the heart and soul of Turku, and the city started to grow by the estuary already during the 13th century. 800 years of urban history have not made the river any less important for the cityscape – quite the contrary.

The attraction of Turku in terms of tourism is based on the coexistence of clean and diverse nature, a breathtakingly beautiful archipelago and a historic city of culture. In housing, business life and leisure alike, Turku draws from its maritime location. The city is surrounded by 40 000 islands and islets and the national park of the Archipelago Sea.


Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum © Jari Nieminen

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova is a museum of archaeology and contemporary art, and a meeting point for everyone, located at the heart of Turku. Experience the streets of the 600-year-old ruins! The museum’s art exhibitions showcase interesting contemporary artists and bring to light topical perspectives on different phenomena.

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Medieval market

Medieval Market

The Medieval Market is Finland's largest medieval event held at Turku. Follow the rows of market stalls and take a trip back in time to middle age with performing groups, jesters and minstrels. In the work displays area, artisans demonstrate medieval working methods. The whole family enjoys the medieval amusement!

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Turku Cathedral

Turku Cathedral

Turku Cathedral was consecrated as a Cathedral Church in 1300. It is the mother church of the Lutheran Church of Finland, and a national shrine. It is one of the most highly valued monuments in Finnish architectural history. The Cathedral is still regularly used for divine service.

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Aura River by night

The River Aura

The River Aura is the heart of Turku and full of life. Walking on the riverbanks, you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, complemented by the restaurant boats, musical events and many other happenings. Choosing a restaurant in Turku isn’t easy; there are as many options for breakfast, brunch, and lunch as there are for dinner by any measure. Or if you fancy a beer in a school, a bank or a public lavatory, Turku can offer even these peculiarities.

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Turku archipelago

Turku Archipelago

Just outside Turku you'll find a breathtakingly beautiful and the world's largest Archipelago, with around 40.000 islands – a spectacular area for various kinds of island hopping excursions with boat, car or by bike. Also, do not miss to explore the closest island to Turku; Ruissalo, which can easily be reached by waterbus from the Aura River during the summer season. Do as locals – bring some local picnic delicacies with you and head to the pure nature of Ruissalo.

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