Panorama of Toruń, photo Łukasz Klimkiewicz


Toruń is a great place for everyone who likes to admire the beauty of old streets and tenement houses, experience history and learn about interesting legends. Unforgettable moments will be spent here not only by lovers, families with children, lonely travelers, but also organized groups of visitors. Toruń's greatest treasure is its beautiful Old Town with soaring Gothic buildings. Toruń also has numerous museums, galleries, workshops and attractions for children. The best way to get to know the city is by nibbling on the delicious Toruń gingerbread, which you can buy on almost every corner. In addition to the old center, you will find the 19th-century suburbs and great fortifications from that time, some of which are open to the public. The night panorama of Toruń makes an amazing impression, which is worth seeing from the observation deck located on the second bank of the Vistula River, in relation to the Old Town. For those who want to spend time more actively, we recommend hiking or biking tours around Toruń, among forests, fields and several medieval castles.



Toruń Old Town

The Toruń Old Town is a pearl of Gothic architecture. Particularly impressive are its monumental churches: St. John’s Cathedral, St. Mary’s and St. James’s. The Old Town Hall is one of the most precious historical buildings in Europe. The old city gates, the watchtowers and the defensive city walls are also excellent examples of Gothic architecture.

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Nicolaus Copernicus

Nicolaus Copernicus is a historical figure inseparably associated with Toruń. If you want to learn more about the life of this most famous Toruń citizen, you should visit his family house. Inside the Late Gothic tenement you can find an exhibition of the scholar’s life and works.

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Toruń gingerbread

Toruń gingerbread have been the local specialty for hundreds of years. Today gingerbread cookies are among the most favorite souvenirs from Toruń and one of the symbols of the city. There is even the Museum of Gingerbread where you can learn about its secrets, bake your own gingerbread and then take it home.

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