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The city of Stargard is the third largest city in Western Pomerania in terms of territory. Of particular interest is the medieval town centre, which was the origin of today's town of 7,000 inhabitants. On the tourist route "Stargard - Jewel of Pomerania" the most important architectural monuments, which bear witness to the uniqueness of the castle on the river Ina, can be visited. The route leads along an approximately 3 km long green area, most of which dates from the 18th and 19th centuries. It runs along the mighty ramparts, bastions, moats, gates, defence towers and bastions, with which only the buildings in Krakow can compete. From far and near, the soaring church towers, the most magnificent bastions in the country and one of the two gates standing over the river in Europe can be admired. A real treat is a visit to St Mary's Collegiate Church, the most beautiful monumental Gothic brick church in Poland.


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