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Rüthen – gateway to the “Sauerland “. A livable and lovable town on a mountain and a Hanseatic town – a real piece of home!

Rüthen is idyllically situated in the nature park “Arnsberger Wald”. With its 4.000 hectares of woods, crystal-clear brooks and idyllic places, Rüthen offers a great variety of possibilities for staying and recovering. Visit our medieval town with its unique town wall tour with a length of 3 kilometres. Another highlight is Körtlinghausen, a baroque castle surrounded by moats near Kallenhardt. Various attractions which you should visit are the “Biberpfad” (a circular walk for young and old with several stations), the “Waldschiff” (a meeting point for rangers and visitors), “Haus Buuck” (a historical trade house from Hanseatic times), the “Hexenturm” (a little museum about the witch hunt in Rüthen) and the “Hachtor” (the last of four town gates, used to be a little prison).


HausBuuck-blaueStunde Foto Forum für Stadtentwicklung Ältestes Haus Rüthens aus der Hansezeit

Haus Buuck

You will find an impressive half-timbered house, supposed to be the oldest house in Rüthen, near the “Hachtor” in the centre of Rüthen. It is a typical Hanseatic merchants’ house from 1609 with a three-storey loft. There are so-called “Neidköpfe” on the crossbeam of the gable, ugly faces which were supposed to avert envy and disaster. Walkers, discoverers, meeting guests or history enthusiasts can even spend the night in this 400-year-old monument.

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History of rope making

The rope makers in Rüthen produced different types of ropes which were even delivered to Nowgorod, Russia. In the historic craftsmen's village, the history of old, typical local trades (stonemason, blacksmith) is presented. The neighbouring building of a former rope factory (1914) documents the role of the rope-making business. The cable-railway building has a length of 60 metres and represents a rare architectural monument.

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