Rostock_Stadthafen_Luftbild ©TMV-Gänsicke

City of Rostock

Rostock with its seaside resort Warnemünde combines brick buildings and gabled houses, cutters and cruise ships, the finest beaches and a healthy sea climate. In addition to sun and beach, holidaymakers and tourists enjoy the unique maritime experience of lighthouse, pier, sailing yachts and fresh fish. The Hanseatic city is always at its most beautiful on the 2nd weekend in August, when more than 100 traditional sailing ships and museum ships gather for the Hanse Sail Rostock and invite you to take a trip on the Baltic Sea.


DJI_0902_Rostocker Weihnachtsmarkt 2022 ©Tasler & Martens

Universitätsplatz (University Square)

The square in the course of Kröpeliner Straße takes its current name from the main building of the university, which had long been established since 1419. Here you will find the five-gable builing, the fountain of joie de vivre, the baroque hall and the former Grand Ducal Palace. The fountain of joie de vivre was created in 1980 and is a popular place for young and old and consists of 20 figures and 18 large and small water fountains.

City paddling through Rostock ©TMV Gänsicke

City harbour

The city harbour on the banks of the river Warnow with a museum and sailing harbour is a popular promenade with restaurants, shops and large warehouses. All goods handling was concentrated here until the seaport opened in 1960.The wooden pedal crane from the 18th century and the bridge crane from the 1950s bear witness to the handling technology of the past.

Church St. Marien ©Joachim Kloock

St. Mary's Church

St Mary's is Rostock’s most beautiful and most important church. The transept and nave of the cross-shaped basilica are of equal length and create a compact impression of this Gothic church. It has an astronomical clock with Apostle rotation (1472) and a bronze baptismal font (1290), amongst other things.

View to the lighthouse from Warnemünde seaside resort ©TMV Gänsicke


The lighthouse can be seen from almost anywhere in Warnemünde - and from 30 metres up inside the lighthouse you can see almost all of Warnemünde. Built in 1897 as a navigation aid for those at sea, not only does it help ships find their way to the safe harbours, but thanks to the committed volunteer lighthouse keepers it has also become another attraction in the Baltic Sea resort.