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Rijssen is an enterprising city with a varied shopping center with historical features. The center is bursting with trendy shops. Rijssen is therefore also a real shopping city. But there is also plenty to do if you preferer culture and nature.

Rijssen has been known for centuries as the place to trade. The center of Rijssen attracts everyone who likes shopping. But the rich cultural history of Rijssen can also be found outside the shopping center. You have a wide choice when you want to visit one of the many museums or heritage sites. For example, visit the well-known Pelmolen Ter Horst. With its sturdy appearance, the mill provides a unique place in the landscape of Rijssen. Due to its location on the Regge, you can also take a boat trip with the Enterse Zomp.


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Pelmolen ter Horst

On the outskirts of Rijssen, near the Regge, there is an octagonal scaffolding mill on top of a barn: the Pelmolen ter Horst. Since 1752, the mill has been a landmark in the Rijssen landscape with its graceful and sturdy exterior.

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Centuries-old church in the center of Rijssen. At the end of the 8th century, Lebuines built the first church on this site. Over the centuries, the church has been rebuilt several times. In the years 1828-1829 a new tower was built on the extension of the church.

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Park Building

The park building was built in 1914 by the architect Karel Muller on behalf of the jute manufacturer Ter Horst. It still fulfills its original function for cultural purposes and as a meeting place and place to relax.

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Rijssens Leemspoor

At the foot of the Rijsserberg, there is a section of a narrow gauge railway on which the brick factories transported their raw materials about 100 years ago. The narrow gauge railway was used to transport clay from the quarry to the factories. You can visit and ride this track between the beginning of April and the end of October.

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Rijssens Museum

The Rijssens Museum is a characteristic museum of the city of Rijssen. The centuries-old manor house is worth a visit.

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