Panorama Marktstraße © Stadt Nieheim


Pampered by nature and embedded in wide hilly landscapes and dense forests, Nieheim always shows itself from its most beautiful side.The rural location offers ideal holiday conditions in which peace and quietness or activities close to nature, such as cycling and hiking, are in the focus. Nieheim is particularly known for its “Nieheimer Käse”, which is still made by hand in the Menne cheese dairy “Mennes Schukäserei” today.An interesting museum landscape consisting of cheese, beer and a bag museum offers an interactive, “hands on”- experience. 

Major events such as the German Cheese Market, where smaller cheese dairies are focused, or the Nieheim Wood Days, attract numerous visitors from home and abroad. The next German Cheese Market will take place from September 2nd to September 4th, 2022. With its historic town center, Nieheim can still score points. The town hall, the imposing Catholic church and the judges' house encounter visitors in the city and bear witness to the medieval past. All sightseeing options can be reached on foot.


Panorama Marktstraße © Stadt Nieheim

Nieheim Town Hall

The historic listed building in the style of the Weser Renaissance from 1610, houses the city administration. It is located in the centre of the city on Marktstraße.

Panorama Marktstraße © Stadt Nieheim

Church of St. Nicholas

The Catholic parish church of St. Nicholas is a listed church building in Marktstraße in Nieheim. Its present form dates back to 1497. mentioned. Under the patron saint St. Nicholas, who is also the patron saint of the Hanseatic League, the St. Nicholas fountain and the St. Nicholas monument were built in addition to the church. 

Holster Tower

Holster Tower

As a landmark of Nieheim, the Holster Tower on the nearby heights of Holster Berg south of the core town can look back on seven hundred years of history. The former watchtower, also known as the Nieheimer Warte, can now be climbed via steps as a lookout tower and offers a good view of Nieheim. In memory of its embattled past, spears are mounted on the outside as art objects.

Panorama Marktstraße © Stadt Nieheim


The Richterhaus is located in the city centre on the newly designed Richterplatz. It is a three-storey half-timbered house dating from 1701 and now serves as an intergenerational project.
Richterplatz offers ideal opportunities to bring young and old together. 

Nieheimer Käse - the original


The German Cheese Museum, the Westphalian Beer Museum and the Sack Museum are centrally located. All kinds of interesting culinary facts about cheese and beer are waiting to be explored - a feast for all the senses. The world of old and new sacks - a local history museum of a special kind complete the unique museum offer in Nieheim.

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