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The centre of Minden is characterized by medieval churches and ornate houses of citizens and businesspeople. A good number of the buildings, among them the building which used to house Defensive Barracks and is now the seat of the LWL-Museum of Prussian History on Simeons Square and the Supplies Depot at Martini Churchyard, originate from an era dominated by Prussian architects like Schinkel and Gilly. The Upper Old Town with its half-timbered houses, and the town centre containing many historical buildings such as the 1200-year-old cathedral with its Cathedral Treasure-House and Westfalia’s oldest town hall with its gothic Arbour dating from the 13th century bear witness to an eventful history. This is also true of magnificent buildings dating from the Weser-Renaissance, five half-timbered houses in the Old Town now housing the Minden Museum, the town’s old churches and the Fishermen’s Town. Unique for the region is the Ship Mill, which was restored in a manner true to the original and put into operation in 1998. Its moorings are situated at the Weser Promenade. A special point of attraction is the Waterway Crossing of the river Weser and the Mittelland Canal. The Shaft Lock is 83 meters long. The new Weser lock (put into operation in 2017) and the canal overpass (dating from 1998), the second largest bridge structure of the inland waterway transport with a length of 370 metres can be viewed both from land and from water.

Minden is located at one of the most frequented cycling routes of Europe: the Weser Cycling Route. Thousands of cyclists and tourists visit the town each year. The town is also known for its cultural events. Apart from the Museum of Prussian History and the Minden Museum of History, Folklore and Regional Studies, it is also the Town Theatre which is important for the whole region.



Cathedral (1200 years old) with Cathedral Treasure-House, Town Hall (built around 1260), Old Town, Fishermen’s Town, Ship Mill, Waterway Crossing of the river Weser and the Mittelland Canal