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Away from the hectic of the big cities, on the western edge of Lower Saxony, lies Meppen - the former fortress town in the heart of the Emsland. You can experience nature in the international Moor Nature Park and the Hümmling Nature Park. Hike or cycle through the forests and moors, relax and enjoy the unique flora and fauna. Let yourself be fascinated by the untouched nature when visiting the nature reserves “Borkener Paradies” and “Meppener Weide”.


Town Hall Meppen

Historic Town Hall

The basement of the town's landmark, built of massive boulders, dates back to 1408. In 1605, the building was extended by two storeys, which were brought forward and placed on four columns connected by round arches. This created an open arbour where court was also held: A sandstone relief above the central arch depicting the biblical judgement of Solomon is a reminder of this. On top of the town hall tower, a ship bears witness to Meppen's connection to the Hanseatic League. Today the town hall houses a café. The historic council hall is used for receptions and weddings.

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Meppen from above


Raised to the status of a town in 1360, Meppen was granted the "right to fortify with ramparts and moats". The fortifications erected as a result survived for centuries - extended and rebuilt several times according to the respective needs. The last star-shaped bastion fortification can still be seen today around the old town. While the defensive rampart was demolished in 1762, the former counter-rampart, the so-called "Contrescarpe", with its centuries-old tree population originally preserved as flood protection, is now a listed building and invites you to take a walk in the city centre.

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Town Museum

Town Museum

On display are finds from the period between the Stone Age and the Middle Ages, including a 9,000-year-old bog oak and the hand axe from Twist, which is considered the oldest evidence of human life in the region. Above all, however, the museum makes the past come alive with models, replicas and stagings. For example, the faithful replica of a megalithic tomb demonstrates the burial culture of people around 5,000 years ago. Typical burial objects are also on display in the burial chamber: Weapons, tools and jewellery as well as ceramic vessels with food and drink.

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