Hanzestad Maasbommel 1


Step back in time
“It’s just another day in the 13th century. Trade and commerce is thriving in the Land van Maas en Waal. From fresh fish to fine wines, and fragrant wood to sought-after grains. These are prosperous, yet tumultuous times. Landowners, Lombards, merchants and traders ensure plenty of hustle and bustle in the towns, villages and streets. Free trade flourishes, almost unhampered by rules or legislation. Alas, pirates and buccaneers also roam, causing regular disruption.

The Hanseatic League
A shrewd group of merchants decide to take action. They establish the Hanseatic League with one aim in mind: securing trade routes and protecting commerce. Maasbommel, where life revolves in, on or around the water, is firmly caught up in the moment: as a small town with vast territories and, in particular, as an official borough of the Hanseatic city of Nijmegen. The Hanseatic League is responsible for burgeoning affluence, prosperity and trade. Forging a new narrative on a daily basis…”

Present day Maasbommel
And today? Maasbommel is still forging that narrative. With open arms and a warm welcome for all who visit. Because that is who we are. And we continue to embark upon new adventures. In our associations, neighbourhoods and streets. In our traditions and celebrations. Because that is how we live life in Maasbommel. Quietly and unassumingly. On the Maas. And on the land.