Lünen is a city that brings many things together: The buddy with the artist. The precinct with the Münsterland. In Lünen everything is flowing: Living close to the river Lippe, strolling at the Prussian harbour, relaxing by the lake park or canoeing on the river. Many idyllic places and green oases are to be discovered: In Lünen, leisure and recreation are in harmony with nature. Awarded as a bicycle-friendly city, Lünen scores with a well-developed cycle path network.

Enjoying art and culture is of great importance in Lünen. The Heinz-Hilpert-Theater with its more than 50-year-old tradition is the center of attention. In the neighbouring Hansesaal conference and event centre, visitors can marvel at the Lüner Hansetuch, a unique collection of paintings from international Hanseatic cities. In the museum, the city’s history comes alive. A wealth of events and leisure facilities offers varied amusement opportunities for the whole family.

We invite you to discover Lünen.


Hansesaal Stadt Lünen Fotografie Golz

Hanseatic hall of the City of Lünen & Heinz-Hilpert theatre

The Hanseaal Lünen was built in 1991 as a multi-functional event hall and offers space for conferences, congresses and family celebrations. It is, together with the Heinz Hilpert Theatre,  an indispensable centre of cultural life in Lünen.

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Hansetuch im Hansesaal Stadt Lünen Fotograf Uwe Koslowski

“Hanseatic scarf” of Lünen

In 1989, the city of Lünen initiated a unique art project, the “Lüner Hansetuch” (“Hanseatic scarf”), during the International Hanseatic Days. The collection of paintings reflects the artistic diversity, creativity and the unifying character of the Hanseatic idea and can be seen in the Hanseatic hall of of Lünen. There is also a banner on which all 40 paintings are depicted, which can be borrowed.

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Preußenhafen Stadt Lünen Fotograf Axel Heimken

Local port "Preußenhafen"

The local part known as the “Preußenhafen” on the Datteln-Hamm Canal used to be an important trans-shipment facility for coal. Today, it is a popular stop for boating tourism. Visitors often come here to watch the canoeists practicing and the canal boats mooring and moving off again: the perfect place for relaxing and watching the sun go down.

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