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Visit Lüneburg and enjoy the atmosphere and diversity of a historic town with its medieval center, which is nevertheless young at heart. Lüneburg is a cultural hub 365 days a year, practically round the clock: from sightseeing and green parks to music events, festivals and colourful markets. Our many attractions are all close by. Visit the Lüneburg museums and the Stint Market with its harbour, the Old Crane and the historic Salzewer (salt cog). Relax in one of the many cafés and restaurants in the town centre and enjoy the river view with the reflection of the historical houses. Indulge in Lüneburg specialities, explore the town and region on foot or by bike and take the opportunity to find that special gift in our little, family-owned shops. We offer a variety of guided tours and activities, both in Lüneburg and at the Lüneburg Heath. All of this makes our salt town indispensable for a holiday or weekend break.


Town Hall

Town Hall

Town hall Behind the 1720 baroque facade you will find one of the biggest medieval town halls in Northern Germany. The building grew over the centuries, so you will find an exceptional mix between the Middle Age and the Renaissance. With its beautiful interior and decoration it is one of the most beautiful attractions in Lüneburg.

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Old crane - harbour

The old crane in the historical harbour

The old crane is Lüneburg’s secret landmark and is mentioned for the first time in 1346. Two wooden carrying wheels – with which the crane once lifted heavy loads - are hidden inside this still fully functioning industrial memorial. Today the crane is very close to the heart of Lüneburg’s inhabitants and lovingly tended.

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St. Johannis Church_ Am Sande

St. John´s Church

St. John’s Church is one of the most beautiful examples of the North German Brick Gothic and is the oldest one in Lüneburg. In the 8th century, the oldest settlement was located here. Its first construction phase began in 1300, making St. John one of the oldest baptisteries of Lower Saxony.

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German Salt Museum

Explore the salty history of Lüneburg and the saline, an unique industrial monument. Salt is an inconspicuous, small grain, that enables all life on Earth. As one of the oldest cultural trade goods, it has shaped human history and has a high significance for Lüneburg's history.

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East Prussian State Museum

Reopened in 2018, the East State Prussian Museum presents rare, valuable and unusual exhibits that will take you on an impressive journey through the landscape, history and culture of East Prussia and the Baltic Germans. In addition, the museum presents a permanent exhibition of the Hanseatic League.

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