Holsten Gate and salt warehouses

Lübeck: Queen of the Hansa

Directly behind the banks of the river Trave rise the seven spires of the five Old Town churches that have made Lübeck's silhouette famous. The impressive Holsten Gate, landmark of the "Queen of the Hanseatic League", welcomes visitors with its late Gothic facade. The island-shaped Old Town with its unique brick architecture and the hidden oases presents itself with Nordic calmness. Exploring Lübeck's true beauty always means looking behind the scenes. Tucked away in the historic building structure, true museum treasures can be found in the Old Town e.g. St. Anne’s Museum and St. Anne’s Art Gallery, the Museum Behnhouse Drägerhouse and the Hospital of the Holy Spirit. Enter the world of the Middle Ages and immerse yourself in the life of the Low German merchants at the European Hansemuseum. The largest museum on the history of the Hanseatic League tells of the rise, power and fall of the Hanseatic League and shows how much you are still surrounded by it today. And the seaside resort Travemünde is only a stone's throw away from Lübeck's Old Town, with its big ships, fine Baltic Sea beach and unique promenade circuit.


Holstentor Gegenlicht © LTM

Holsten Gate

The Holsten Gate is Lübeck's famous landmark and imposing portal to the historic Old Town. In the Middle Ages, the Gothic city gate was a symbol of power and an important part of the town fortifications, which were supposed to protect the rich Hanseatic city from attacks. CONCORDIA DOMI FORIS PAX welcomes you in golden letters: harmony inside, peace outside.

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Market square and Town Hall of Lübeck

Lübeck Town Hall

Lübeck's town hall is located in the middle of the historic old town and is one of the most famous brick Gothic buildings. Its façade with architectural styles from no less than three centuries is reminiscent of a fairytale castle. During a guided tour of the town hall, the magnificent rococo audience chamber is a particular eye-catcher.

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Seven spires of Lübeck

Lübeck Old Town churches

The seven spires of the five large Lübeck Old Town churches characterize the silhouette of the city and gave it the famous surname "City of the Seven Spires". They are brick monuments, which do not remain silent, but can be experienced through church services, organ music, tours of the spires and vaults, readings and discussion evenings.

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Hospital of the Holy Spirit - inside

Hospital of the Holy Spirit

The Hospital of the Holy Spirit, completed in 1286, is one of the oldest social institutions in the world that still exist today. With its three-gabled front and four slender spires, the Hospital is an impressive Gothic brickwork monument. Inside, the small living quarters, known as cubbyholes, bear witness to the lives of the needy.

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Fuechtingshof in Lübeck © Bernd, Schmidt, LTM

Alleys and Courtyards

The historic residential alleys and courtyards are Lübeck's green havens of tranquility and run through the lively Old Town like a labyrinth. The first booths were built at the beginning of the 14th century. They are still inhabited today and will enchant you with their idyllic atmosphere, silence and serenity.

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