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Lemgo is situated in the heart of the district of Lippe in North Rhine-Westphalia. In its almost 900 year history, the Old Hansa Town has developed into an attractive and modern city as well as a hub for research and innovation. Come and see the historic city centre with its charming buildings from the 16th to 21st century and the many museums. Among them are Brake Castle with the Weser Renaissance Museum and the “Hexenbürgermeisterhaus”, the “witch mayor’s house” about the early history of the city. Especially impressive is the former residence of the artist Karl Junker – a unique Gesamtkunstwerk with elaborate woodwork and carvings. Every June, Lemgo celebrates its “Strohsemmelfest” with an artisans’ market, about the traditional Lemgo bun baked on straw. In December, visitors get to feel the bubbly and festive atmosphere of Kläschen, the Christmas fair.

Come to Lemgo for an experience that has it all: Superb museums, cultural events and galleries, city festivals and local recreation. Everything is within walking distance. And should you have forgotten to pack anything, do not worry – with 230 shops, from branch stores to shops run by the owner, there is something for everyone.

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15-1-Hexenbürgermeisterhaus © Alte Hansestadt Lemgo

Hexenbürgermeisterhaus (Witch Mayor’s House)

The Witch Mayor’s House is the sobriquet of the house, in which you find the City Museum.  The house is situated in the middle of the historic city centre and also one of the most important monuments of urban Renaissance architecture in the Weser area.

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15-2- Brake Castle

Weser Renaissance Museum, Brake Castle

In 1584, Castle Brake was expanded in the style of the Weser Renaissance as the residence of the Princes of Lippe. It is a moated castle built on the foundations of one of the biggest medieval fortresses in Northern Germany. It’s distinctive tower makes it a landmark of the Old Hansa Town Lemgo.

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15-3-Junkerhaus © Marlen Grote

Museum Junkerhaus

A two-storey half-timbered building with a brick dado and a square base. It’s unique look comes from the elaborate woodwork and carvings both on the in- and outside of the house. There are numerous murals and ceiling frescos in the rooms and the stairwell. Karl Junker lived in the building from 1891 to 1912 and kept working on its features constantly.

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15-4-Hansa breakfast

Hanse breakfast

On the third Saturday in May, the International Day of the Hansa, everyone is invited to the Hanse Breakfast in Lemgo. At 10 am, the marketplace fills with young and old hanseatic friends who are looking forward to a delicious breakfast, dance and musical entertainment. It is a lovely morning for everyone!

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15-5-Hansaweg © Alte Hansestadt Lemgo

Hansaweg (Hansa Path)

The Hansaweg is 72 kilometres from Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia to Hameln, Lower Saxony, via Bad Salzuflen, Lemgo, Hillentrup, Linderhofe and Bösingfeld. The trail is more than 80 years old and offers the opportunity to explore the beautiful landscapes and historic towns along its path.

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