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Let the road bring you to Koknese, where the latvian fate river Daugava has closely tangled together our yesterday and today. Koknese is a proud member of the former Hanseatic League. Just like in its heyday, local craftsmen still mint commemorative coins for good luck. There are not that many places in Latvia, where two rivers come together so beautifully, creating a romantic background for the ancient Koknese castle ruins. Here you can let your thoughts and gaze wander along the River Daugava. This may be experienced only by the lucky ones who are resting on the banks of Daugava or taking a walk on the picturesque nature trail that leads through the green park, along river Pērse, castle ruins, Lutheran Church up until the Garden of Destiny, an island in the middle of Daugava, a place where the past, present and future meet. On a calm and warm summer night, you do not have to travel far to enjoy culture among nature. You can have a musical adventure by visiting a concert held in the ruins, where the sounds of music intertwine with nature and the flowing sounds of two rivers, forest and grey castle ruins. The atmosphere is so lovely, you could not imagine a more delightful place!


Castle ruin Koknese

Koknese Medieval Castle Ruins

One of the most significant medieval castles on Latvian territory. The construction work for the castle began in 1209, and in a short period of time, a fortified castle and the majority of the Koknese town had been built. The castle was abandoned after the bombing of the western towers in 1701; the impressive ruins have remained untouched since then.

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Park Koknese (2)

Koknese Park

The park is located at the confluence of two rivers: the Daugava and the Pērse. The park is home to the Koknese medieval castle ruins. The nature trails feature works of wooden art and historical evidence. You can see Celtic crosses and cast-iron cannons from XVII century, the reproduction of Perse Waterfall, fountain ‘Faun’s head’, sculpture ‘Pērse girl’.

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Garden of fate

The Garden of Destiny

The Garden of Destiny is a symbol created in nature. It indicates continuous recovery and growth of the nation — this is where both human and state history, the present and future meet. Excellent environmental architecture has been combined with the beauty of the Koknese peninsula and the flow of River Daugava.

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