Grieth_Panorama © Stadt Kalkar

Kalkar and Grieth on the Rhine

Kalkar is a medieval, lively and modern city on the Lower Rhine. Architecture, art and urban planning of the Middle Ages form a unity. The historic town center is very well preserved. Ornate stepped gable houses surround the market place with the magnificent town hall and the old court lime tree, creating a distinctive and hospitable atmosphere. The jewel of the former Hanseatic town, founded in 1230, is the St. Nicolai church. With nine late gothic carved altars, sculptures, paintings and contemporary glass art in 22 windows, it is one of the most important art venues in the Rhineland. The town windmill with brewery and beer garden is also an impressive ensemble. 

Grieth on the Rhine, a small former Hanseatic town with charter from 1250, is now part of Kalkar. It was an old fishermen and boatmen town with an important customs station for Rhine shipping but today it is an attractive destination for day-trippers. The Rhine River promenade and ferry for the numerous cyclists visiting the cycle paradise of the Lower Rhine, a promenade with a ship’s mast, picturesque alleys, the Hanseatic shop with a café and the bicycle ferry attract visitors. The “stone boat” towers on a granite column in the foreland of the Rhine.

Numerous cycling and hiking routes, e.g. via the junction system, the Lower Rhine Route, the Hanse cycle path and the multimedia-based information and tour offer “Experience the Rheinaue” surround the city and offer recovery in nature.



Kalkar Town Hall

Kalkar town hall was erected of bricks in gothic style between 1438 and 1445/46. The basement initially housed drapers´hall, meat hall, and public weighbridge. The town hall was further used for town administration and as a place of jurisdiction. The magnificent town hall is a symbol oft he increasing prosperity of  the city in the 15th century.

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Nicolai innen

St. Nicolai church

The St. Nicolai church, named after the patron saint of the hanseatic league and the traders and merchants, is without doubt the jewel oft he town of Kalkar. It counts with ist nine Gothic altars carved from oak as well as various sculptures and paintings and contemporary glass art as one of the most significant art locations in the Rhineland.

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Muehle Kalkar

Kalkar town windmill

The huge eight floor windmill with surrounding gallery was built in 1770 from the bricks of the former Hanselaer gate. It is one of the highest mills on the Lower Rhine area, completely restored in 1996 and fully functional again today. Volunteer millers take care of the technical maintenance.

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Haus Grieth

Grieth mansion

Grieth mansion dates back to the 14th century and was first mentioned in 1371 as the seat of the gouvernour of Grieth and Wissel. The moats that originally surrounded it have not been preserved. Today the house is run as a Bed & Breakfast „Schlosshotel Haus Grieth“.

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Steinboot Grieth

Sculpture „The stone boat“

The sculpture „The stone boat“ on a granite column in the the foreland of the Rhine was created by the artist Christoph Wilmsen-Wiegmann and erected on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of Grieth in 2000.


Grieth Hanseatic shop

The small Hanseatic shop in Grieth with a café is a volunteer-run project that aims to ensure local food supplies and serve as a social and cultural meeting point. It was opened in 2016 and is located directly on market square in Grieth.

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