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Diverse and lively: culture, tradition, nature and enjoyment - the Hanseatic city of Herford has a lot to offer! How about a day trip to the Middle Ages? Or do you prefer an active family weekend? Or finally a break for body and soul?

While the H2O invites you to totally relax, various cycle routes are perfect for cycling, be challenged by extended hiking tours or enjoy the stunning view from Herford's Bismarck tower.


Wulfert House


It is considered to be one of the oldest and most beautiful houses in Herford. This is the Wulferthaus located at „Neuer Markt“. It was named after the councilor and merchant Jobst Wulfert, who had it built in 1560, so the year of construction can also be found above the hall gate.

Whale bone Jakobi Church

Rib of a whale

The Hanseatic traders brought back unusual souvenirs from their travels. For example, whale bones were exhibited in churches as a symbol of the miracles of creation. The Münsterkirche made its whale shoulder blade available to the Municipal Museum. There is still a whale rib exposed in the Jakobikirche today.

Linnenbauer © Denis Karabasch

Linen weaver/ Linen weaver square

The monument on Linnenbauerplatz, inaugurated in 1909, is dedicated to the last Herford hand weaver who brought his linen to the city for sale himself. The sculptor Gregor v. Bochmann shows the linen weaver smiling mischievously. He is counting his money for the bales of canvas sold.


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