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Harderwijk has been called a Hanseatic city since 1252. In order to protect the marine trade, Harderwijk joined the German Hanseatic League. Merchants came one after the other. The city was bustling with activity. Even now, in the 21st century, you can still appreciate the traces of this epoch. Some of the original buildings are still standing. But whether buildings remained or not, the history is here to stay! Right where you’re walking today, centuries ago the people who played a role in the Hanseatic League walked.

Looking for a cosy cafe or a tasteful restaurant? Harderwijk offers everything for the epicurean. With even two star restaurants in its inner city, Harderwijk may truly call itself a culinary city. Here you can enjoy fantastic food. Almost every taste, and also for every wallet. A great event with a large group or a romantic evening for two. A lovely dinner or a delicious lunch. Do you prefer a cup of coffee with a piece of cake? Of course, that’s also possible. In summertime it’s wonderful to relax at one of the many terraces in Harderwijk’s inner city. Feel like partying out? Even then, Harderwijk is the place to be. This cosy city is a great place for clubbing.


Tourist highlight 1_Stadsmuseum


Stadsmuseum Harderwijk is housed in an old patrician house that consists of several historical buildings. The museum illustrates the history of Harderwijk. The collection includes historical objects related to fishing, the Gelderland Munt, the military garrison and the university that Harderwijk used to have. There are also temporary exhibitions.

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Tourist highlight 2_City Walk ©Gijs Versteeg

City walk highlights

The town guide will tell you about the ancient history of Harderwijk. Harderwijk has a rich history with the Hanseatic League, the Fortifications, the Fishery, the Mint, the Monasteries and the Colonial Part. The historical wealth of a number of monuments can be admired both inside and outside, such as the beautiful paintings of the Great Church, the house of a fishing family, the stained glass windows of the St Catherine Chapel and of course the famous Fishing Gate.

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Touristic highlight 3_Botterrental

Botter rental

At one of the most beautiful spots in the Netherlands, from the old fishing port of Harderwijk on the former Zuiderzee, we sail past uninhabited islands on the Veluwemeer.

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