Radelpause am Rhein ©WFG Emmerich mbH

Emmerich am Rhein

Welcome to Emmerich am Rhein – the hanseatic town is pleased to meet you! The pearl of the lower rhine area is an attraction for visitors from near and far. A stroll along the beautiful long promenade has a high recreation value. Relaxing at the waterside with a cup of coffee. The view to the longest suspension bridge of Germany, the ships slowly passing by – what can be more beautiful? Historic or modern churches, interesting museums, the shopping street, the recreation place Elten with its mountain range and the view to the Rhine valley will fascinate you. Beautiful, scenic bicycle tours and walks through the lovely lower rhine region make your visit an unforgettable experience. We enjoy to see you!

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Radeln am Rhein ©WFG Emmerich mbH

Rhine promenade

From trademile to a location of leisure and culinary: the culinary mile at theRhhine promenade invites you to linger in one of the many restaurants. Have a seat in our sun chairs and watch the ships passing by. You can also find the “Krantor” and the “Poortekerl” here – relicts that still remember the Hanseatic times.

Rhine Bridge Emmerich am Rhein ©WFG Emmerich mbH

Rhine bridge

The Golden Gate of the lower Rhine area: The bridge across the Rhine is 803 meters long and therefor the longest suspension bridge in Germany. Its opening was on 3rd September 1965 after 40 months building time. All together the bridge weighs 41.400 tons, which compares to 30.000 cars.

Rhine Museum ©WFG Emmerich mbH


From Rhine, City and shipping: The museum invites visitors to go on a journey through the history of the rhine, the rhine shipping and the glorious past of the hanseatic city Emmerich am Rhein. There is much to see: anchors, bells, ship equipment and an original one person submarine from the second world war.

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Eltenberg ©WFG Emmerich mbH


Landmark of Elten: The Eltenberg is a little mountain in the district Elten, a part of Emmerich am Rhein. It’s part of the land park Eltenberg-Bergherbos, connecting Germany and the Netherlands and gives you many lookout points into the whole region. On the mountain, which is 82m high, you can find the “Drususbrunnen” (an old well) and the St. Vitus Church.

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Container port ©WFG Emmerich mbH

Container port

Port with tradition: The port was used for the first time in the middle of the 17th century. Today it contains more than 45.000 m². There are two moorings and two containerbridges on a length of 300 m with a weight capacity of 50 tons.