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Cēsis is not only one of the oldest but also one of the most Latvian towns. Rich in picturesque landscapes and testimonies of the past, it embodies both an intriguing sense of antiquity and modern self-esteem. Since long ago Cēsis is known as the town rich with its cultural and historical heritage, art treasures and excellent cultural traditions. The old town of Cēsis with the remaining street network, masonry, ancient manors and wooden villas built on the banks of river Gauja is place where to rest and have harmony. Nowadays Cēsis has become a centre of art and culture. It is the mix of tradition and innovation. A place where the past meets the future!

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Cēsis Medieval Castle ©Cēsis tourism information centre

Cēsis Medieval Castle

The complex is in the very heart of the city, where unique monuments from various periods of history are located in close proximity. The medieval castle ruins (13th century) are the most impressive and the best-preserved castle ruins in Latvia. The Count Sievers’ Manor House (18th century) houses the interactive exposition of Cēsis History and Art Museum.

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Livu square ©Cēsis tourism information centre

Līvu Square

Līvu Square (early 13th century) is the first market place of the city. The cobblestone bears a mark, noting where the Rīga Gate stood during the Middle Ages. The fountain is located in the place where “Lejas Šķimbēgs”,the first well of the city, once stood. 

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St. John church ©Cēsis tourism information centre

St. John’s Church

St. John’s Church (consecrated in 1284) is one of the oldest and most impressive sacral buildings in Latvia. It houses a significant collection of tombstones, an altarpiece by the Estonian painter J. Köler, as well as one of the most sonorous concert organs in Latvia. There is a panoramic view of the city from the tower (rebuilt in 1853).

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Rauna Gate ©Cēsis tourism information centre

Rauna Gate

Nowadays the Rauna Gate (14th–15th century) is the main entrance to Cēsis Old Town. The reconstructed foundation and surface pieces of the gate help to picture the medieval walls, as well as the size and solidity of the gate. During the Middle Ages, merchants went through them either heading to or returning from Russia.

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Excursion of Cēsis ©Cēsis tourism information centre

Thematical tour “Cesis – Hanseatic Town”

Walk the cobbled streets of Cesis and discover the story of a small town in medieval Livonia, that rose to become a bustling trading town and a member of one of the most notable trading unions un medieval Europe – the Hanseatic League.  Explore the sites of medieval market places, warehouses and town gates.

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