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Once the world’s most renowned region for cement production, it is nowadays home to internationally operating and innovative state-of-the-art industries, yet an idyllic city to live in. Many former quarries have been converted into beautiful landscapes with picturesque biotopes and lakes that allow true experiences of nature. Old industrial buildings are the remainders of some of the formerly 33 cement works, two of which are still active to date.


Zement © Wolfgang Immig

Beckum cement route

The Beckum cement route is a 27 km long local cycle route in the town of Beckum. It not only connects the districts of Beckum, Neubeckum, Roland and Vellern, but also the regional and supra-regional cycle paths in the city area, such as the WerseRadweg and the 100 Castles Route.

The cement route offers great impressions of past and present industrial cement production in Beckum.

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Tuttenbrock © Wolfgang Immig

Tuttenbrock recreational lake

Enjoy the turquoise-blue Caribbean flair with attractions for the whole family!

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Hoexbergturm © Wolfgang Immig


Höxberg, located to the south of the city, attracts many recreational visitors every year. At 162 meters above sea level, it is Beckum's highes point with a great view of the city - a highlight not to miss!

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Aktivpark Phoenix

The Aktivpark Phoenix - a renaturalized quarry with a large lake - is ideal for numerous leisure activities thanks to its proximity to the city. In addition to an adventure playground, there are play areas for children of different age groups.

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