The Hansa in Gdansk

Calender Icon 29. November 2023

The Union of Cities' Autumn Commission took place in Gdańsk from October 24 to 26. Around 40 representatives from the commission cities of the Hanseatic League were able to see for themselves the status of preparations for the 44th International Hanseatic Day, which will be held in the Polish Hanseatic city from June 13-16, 2024.

Autumn Commission

The delegates were welcomed by Deputy Mayor Mateusz Skarbek. At the commission meeting, the Hanseatic Day organization team presented the preparations for the Hanseatic Day in detail. The event concept was then unanimously approved. As Hansa President Jan Lindenau was unable to travel to Gdansk due to the mayoral election in Lübeck, Vice President Inger Harlevi chaired the meeting. 

In addition to the commission meeting, the program also included a tour of the Hanseatic Day venues in Gdansk's Old Town. Inger Harlevi was impressed by the state of the preparations: "The planning of the program is progressing well and everyone involved is very enthusiastic. With its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the city of Gdansk is an ideal venue for the International Hanseatic Day as a celebration of international understanding and our shared history."

The 44th International Hanseatic Day will take place in Gdansk from June 13 to 16, 2024. Under the motto "Change begins here", the city at the mouth of the Vistula will present itself as a modern metropolis that is proud of its cultural heritage. In hardly any other Polish city are history and the future as close together as in Gdansk. The planned program not only allows delegates and visitors to experience the history of the city from the Hanseatic era to the present day, but also focuses on the topics of innovation and sustainability.

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