Novel "Hanse Links" released

Calender Icon 9. June 2023

On 5 April, the novel “Hanse Links” – a joint creative project of schools in five countries – was officially presented to the public in Lübeck, Germany. The Hanseatic League was characterized by exchange and cooperation between people and cities in large parts of Northern Europe. Today, strong links between Hanseatic cities still exist. This is what the novel “Hanse Links” shows us perfectly.

Cover Hanseroman

The project was launched in 2019 and was directed and written by young people from Hanseatic cities. This first volume features Lübeck and Emmerich from Germany, Gdansk from Poland, Great Yarmouth from the UK, Harderwijk from the Netherlands and Kaunas from Lithuania. In a shared creative space, the young people were able to give free rein to their imagination, while at the same time taking on board a real historical aspect of their own Hanseatic history.

The creative process reflects the uniqueness of the project: The students wrote the book jointly, despite the geographical distance. Each group developed their own story, but linked it to the stories from the other Hanseatic cities. Far from the ships and trade of the Middle Ages, the students communicated through email and video conferences, and then by visiting each other. It is also a multilingual novel: The students wrote their stories in their own languages. The readers will find the corresponding translations on the internet via links, also related to the title of the book "Hanse Links".

The project partners have already started to work on the second volume, with contributions from the French city of La Rochelle and the Polish city of Toruń. As the project promotes values of inter-European cooperation, other schools from Hanseatic towns are still very welcome to join. For more information, please send an e-mail to