"Hanselinks" exchange in La Rochelle

Calender Icon 21. May 2024

The city of La Rochelle (France) recently hosted German students from Geschwister-Prenski-Schule Lübeck and Städtische Gesamtschule Emmerich am Rhein as part of the "Hanselinks" project. Launched in 2019, this initiative allowed young people from various Hanseatic cities to collaborate on writing a historical novel.

image00011 © Liubov Konyashina

During their stay, the students had the opportunity to explore the historic streets of La Rochelle, visit its iconic landmarks (the famous Towers, Saint-Sauveur Church, the Old Port), and the Maritime Museum. They also visited the Town Hall and were received by the Mayor of La Rochelle.

But it was more than a tourist visit. The students also had the chance to work with their peers from Collège de l'Atlantique in Aytré and Lycée Valin in La Rochelle. Together, they created stop-motion videos and continued writing their hanseatic stories. The exchange in La Rochelle concluded with a video conference with partners in Poland, the Baltic countries and Belgium. Students translated into French, German, English and Polish, making it a true European encounter. Lycée Valin in La Rochelle will visit Emmerich (Germany) next September. This exchange is made possible thanks to the Erasmus+ program.

The "Hanselinks" project embodies the spirit of collaboration and openness to the world, encouraging young people to connect beyond geographical boundaries and build bridges between European cultures. This intercultural and inter-educational experience will undoubtedly be remembered by the students, inspiring them to continue cooperation and intercultural exchange in the future.