Hansa Organ Project: Competition for composers

Calender Icon 10. November 2023

October saw the launch of the Hansa Organ Project. Composers and musicians from the Hansa are cordially invited to participate in the project - by submitting compositions for the planned Hansa Organ Book and the participation of organists in the Hansa Organ Festival on the occasion of the Hanseatic Day in Visby 2025.

1599_års_orgel_foto Mattias Wahlgren_1920x1280

The project is a cooperation of partners from several Hanseatic cities under the leadership of St. Mary's Cathedral in Visby. The aim is to publish an organ book with new compositions relating to the Hanseatic League and to establish an organ festival.

Until 1 June 2024, composers are invited to submit organ compositions in two different categories. The 15-20 winners will be selected by a jury and the pieces will be presented in a Hansa Organ Book, which will be presented at the Hanseatic Day in Visby.

The compositions will be performed for the first time as part of an organ festival at the International Hanseatic Day in Visby from 5-8 June 2025.

Further information on the project and the call documents can be found here.