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Valmiera was first mentioned as a town in 1283, when the construction of St Sīmanis Church of Valmiera began. Valmiera was famous for the best wax in the Nordic countries, honey, fur makers, hemp rope weavers and hard-working grain threshers. It was thus incorporated into the Hanseatic League. Valmiera actively participated in the Hanseatic League from the 14th to the 16th century. Today, an annual fair is still held every October, bringing together hundreds of craftspeople. Visitors and locals have the opportunity to try their own hand at crafts. Everyone has the opportunity to learn how wooden barrels are made or how the delicious Valmiermuiža beer is brewed. At Valmiera Museum, you can see ancient blacksmith tools and a Hanseatic merchant boat, as well as learn more about the life of the knights and the city.

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Year 1283

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57.53891 latitude and 25.42616 longitude

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Valmiera St Sīmanis Church and the Old Town